5 Of The Best Resources For Freight Transport Industry Current Affairs And News

We are at the prime generation where every transaction we intend to undertake has been computerized. And so, there are several number of resourceful services in global world but finding the best is such a puzzle. To move commodities, cargo and merchandise from one point to another, one requires physical transportation services.

This system is basically what is today known as freight transport. Freight transport is actual movement of goods through central means using a specified chain of network. In this type of transport network, the goods and services are expressed in terms of data, in which one million ton kilometer is equivalent to one ton over a kilometer. Thereafter, the goods can be delivered either through road or railway transport.

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Below are top 5 best current resourceful affairs to watch for in freight transport:

Platooning Technology

Also known as peloton formation, platooning is a technique that is accustomed to that used in cycling where the cyclists ride in close proximity to lessen energy and distance covered. This technology works on the principle that when you condense space between trucks as they move, you reduce drag and consequently save on gas emissions, especially carbon dioxide and save on energy used.

This technology has been proven to control speed and assists in decreasing a series of collision. The extra advantage would be cultivating highway security procedures. However, this technology will need automation processes to be equipped and truck to truck communication to be properly maintained.

Capacity Crunch

The world is facing a scarcity of drivers. Day in day out the elderly drivers are retiring from work and few younger drivers are joining the market. Driving is a little challenging. Such a job entails a lot of sacrifices and even risks. You’ve got to spend long hours on the roads, stay away from your family for longer periods and more worse, the job may not be well paying.

Few drivers on the road translates to very few trucks on work and so the demand for the industry is no met. In the long run, the rates will predominantly increase. There is also an increasing demand to incorporate use of electronic devices for logging. It is now a mandate though expensive. Truck users are finding it cumbersome and unfriendly to their job. This has contributed greatly to many trucks left at home instead of being on workspace.

Rising Rates

Freight industry is faced with two types of rates; contract and spot market rates. Contract rates are inflicted between the carrier and the shipper based on time taken for transportation whereas spot rates are meant for goods that are ready to be transported.

Moreover, as freight demand increases and supply (readiness of truck drivers) decreases, these rates will ultimately have to rise. Currently, because of low capacity, the rates are expected to shoot but will eventually stabilize. Otherwise, there may be a shift to rail transport which is recognized to be less expensive.

Changing Behaviors

Change is inevitable in life. We face different circumstances daily which will require that we learn on how to cope up. Both shippers and carriers will need to learn both cadres of the industry. When one subsidizes there might be need to shift to the other and vice versa until a state of equilibrium is gained.


Due to the rising demand of goods and services, there is also a dire need for supplying mechanisms. As a consequence, there has arose new technologies that have taken advantage of the current situation and seek to pave way into the market. Convoy, uber and amazon have veered into freight industry and pose competition by developing apps that operate by interlinking shippers and truck enterprises with goods that needs to be moved.

All these competition is targeting to meet the demand of capturing market share transactions. Every business wants to flourish. Freight carriers will then be forced to either embrace or innovate alternative platforms that are faster paying or will be overtaken.

Another potential threat to freight industry is the invention of electric semi-trucks that forms autonomous motor transport service.  This technology has cut short fuel expenses and also posed a threat to displace jobs to numerous truck drivers. This may be a new era of transportation and therefore there is need for the industry to seek space in the technology.

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