Freight Trains Are Connecting The World

Landlocked countries mostly rely on train as one of the cheapest freight services to convey goods from one parts of the country to another. However, the growth in technology also made it possible for trains to connect the world. The main reason why train is mostly the preferred choice of freight service is because they are cost effective. They offer landlocked countries the benefits they don’t get from ship.

Trains have comparable advantage over trucks when it comes to freight services. This is because they can move considerably larger freight than trucks. Trains experience lower friction and resistance which also makes them faster and more durable compare to trucks. In the long run, train freight also has a cheaper cost of maintenance. This also means big long-term revenue for train freight operators.

One YouTube channel that talks a lot about how freight trains are connecting the world and disrupting the freight industry is ‘Wendover Production’. In the video, the narrator highlights the advantages of train freight over the main contender, truck freight. The video narrator said


“The smooth steel wheels run over smooth steel tracks. In addition, since a train is one long line there is much less wind resistance per ton than a truck.”

Source: Interesting Engineering

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Development Of Rail Freight Across The World

Two railway stations Chengdu International Services Co and CFL Multimodal, RTSB have come together to launch a rail service between Chengdu International Railway Port in China and Bettembourg-Dudelange in Luxembourg. The first train freight of the new services departed from Grand Duchy on the 4th of April carrying containers and is expected to reach Chengdu on the 19th of April. The companies have scheduled a weekly service by mid-2019 which will be accompanied with road and rail door-to-door connections.

National railways representatives from five countries—China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Iran came together on the 4th of April to discuss the possibility of developing a transit freight traffic. The First Deputy Chairman of Kazakhstan’s KTZ, Kanat Almagambetov hinted that developing a favorite tariff for movement of goods from China was paramount.

One of the key qualities of a good freight service is timely delivery and Almagambetov did not fail to emphasize this. Developing a good train freight service will not only help to increase the delivery time but will also have a positive impact on the economies of these nations.

New Rail Freight Deals Across The Globe

Different countries across the globe have started recognizing the importance of rail freight services. To that effect, they are working closely with neighboring countries or different states within the same nation to create a network of rail freight. Consequently, a good number of rail freight deals are emerging. One of such deals was recently signed by the GB Railfreight.

According to the new contract which will now run tile December 2021, the GB Railfreight will operate its trains to Robertsbridge’s British Gypsum form Southampton. The new deal will also see the expansion of Robertsbridge terminal services. There is also a proposed additional service to East Leake’s British Gypsum from AV Dawson in Teeside. On the average, the rail freight company will provide ten services per week.

Another important rail freight services deal that took place recently involves Kars-Tbilisi railway. The details of the new contract is sketchy. However, it hints that Socar, Azerbaijan’s state oil company is making plans to begin the exportation of fertilizer to turkey from a new plant using Kars-Tbilisi railway. When this deal comes to effect, it is expected to reshape the economy of both countries as well as provide timely fertilizer supplies to Turkish farmers at a cheaper rate.

Future Rail Freight Services

Majority of the train freight deals connecting different countries has its focus on consumables and electronics. However, the oil sector which makes up a major part of the economy of different countries around the world is yet to tap into train freight for the distribution of product. Train freight operators need to start to think in this direction. PKP Cargo has taken the lead with the signing of letter of intent (LOI) with Orlen Paliwa, a fuel company for the distribution of diesel. In the next decade, significant train freight providers are expected to follow this lead.

Is It Possible To Determine The Most Important Exports And Imports Of The Freight Transportation Industry?

This is a very interesting subject that runs through the minds of many people. Not shocking, considering the fact that the freight transportation industry is among the most important industries in the world. Its contribution to the well-being of the entire globe is so insurmountable that it cannot be dispensed. This explains why freight transportation has been around since the beginning of time. It is woven into the fabric of life itself and is therefore an entity of life that cannot be sidelined.

“It does not matter if it is the grassroots level or advanced level.”

The Freight Transportation Industry and Its General Importance

Generally, the importance of the freight transportation industry transcends all levels. It does not matter if it is the grassroots level or advanced level. The freight transportation industry goes beyond such boundaries. For this reason, its impact generally affects the economy of a country in various ways. A country whose freight transportation industry is not sound will automatically be underdeveloped. There is actually no way of going around this rule. Therefore, governments around the globe have no choice but to develop the freight transportation industries of their countries.

One Important Thing to Understand

Coming back to the subject above, there is no direct answer to the question above. It is not possible to give an outright answer to this question based on a number of reasons. This is mainly because it depends on the country involved or the region of the world that is under consideration. In some cases, the answer to this question may also depend on time or the weather pattern of a specific country or region of the world. There are several other factors that can affect the answer to this question. For example, military weapons are the best exports and imports in the time of wars. It is thus vital to bear this in mind while dealing with questions of this nature or anything related to it.

A container being loaded.

Basic Needs Explained

In order to define the most important exports and imports of the freight transportation industry, it is a perfect idea to take into account the basic needs of the human race irrespective of the region under consideration. The most notable basic needs that are known today are food, clothes and sheltering materials. Others include electronic products and basic locomotives. These are needed by every human being irrespective of the current place of residence. Therefore, these are among the most important exports and imports of the freight transportation industry. Countries that are able to produce most of these are the major exporters of the globe while countries that produce little or nothing are the major importers. Highly industrialized nations such as Germany, France and the US are the major exporters while underdeveloped nations in Africa are the major importers.

The Best Answer

Based on the information above, the best answer to the question can now be given. It is clear that the most important exports and imports of the freight transportation industry vary from one country to another and also depend on external factors such as location, time and weather conditions. Further, it is also easy to deduce that basic needs account for most of the exports and imports of the freight transportation industry.