Why Keep Statistics In The Freight Transportation Industry?

Statistics play a very important role in the balance of the society. The tedious process of keeping records and analyzing them through the use of specially designed tools and techniques is actually very important to the human race. It can be applied in almost every field known to man. The freight and transportation industry is one such field where statistics can be applied fully. There are numerous ways in which statistics can be applied to the freight transportation industry. This explains why it is more than possible to come across a lot of information patterning to statistics of the freight transportation industry. But, what is the point of keeping statistics in the freight transportation industry? Could there be any benefits of such an endeavor? Why does the world keep records patterning to the freight transportation industry?  The following list helps to qualify the major reasons that account for the importance of keeping records in the freight transportation industry.

Keeping Track of the Advancement in Technology

“Advancement in technology has also helped to revolutionize the freight transportation industry.”

Like every industry today, the advancement in technology has also helped to revolutionize the freight transportation industry. A good number of tools and techniques for the transportation of commodities have been developed following the coming of advanced technology. But, the advancement in technology and the subsequent transformation of the freight transportation industry have come with certain costs. In order to justify the need to pay the cost of switching to more advanced freight transportation methods, it is important to keep certain statistics. For example, comparing how quickly goods can be moved nowadays compared to what it was a few decades ago can help to deduce the reliability of the current modes of transportation.

“Monitor the impacts.”

Monitoring the Impacts the Current Changes Have Had on the Freight Transportation Industry

You do not need to be a PHD holder to deduce the various changes that the freight transportation industry has witnessed. There are many changes that have been introduced in the freight transportation industry. Each of these changes has come with an impact of its own. In order to determine whether the impacts of each change have been worth making or not, it is vital to keep certain statistics.

For example, the introduction of the tracking system has revolutionized the manner in which international and even local transportation of goods is carried out. The safety records of the freight industry of this age can be compared to those of the freight industry which existed several decades ago.

In this way, it is possible to tell whether the new changes that have rocked the industry are actually enhancing safety or not. It is also possible to compare the enhancing efficiency of the current freight transportation industry of today with that of the freight transportation industry that existed several years earlier.

Promoting the Well-being of the Environment

Concerns over the impact several modes of transport can have on the environment cannot be brushed aside. Through the use of statistics, it is possible to deduce whether the coming of certain advanced modes of transport is promoting the wellbeing of the environment or not.

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